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Our property experts are often asked to share their extensive knowledge in the press. Below are some of our most recent mentions.

12 January 2019

Beat the market, join the chain-free buying army (The Times)

Robin Gould, a director of Prime Purchase, an agency that acts on behalf of buyers, says an alternative to going chain-free can be a bridging loan, which allows a buyer to purchase their new home before they have sold their old one.

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08 January 2019

London property market after Brexit: EU nationals buying homes in capital attracted by weak pound (The Evening Standard)

Guy Meacock, director of Prime Purchase, has noticed more transatlantic buyers. 'The Americans had deserted London to an extent for a number of years but there are compelling reasons for their return, not least the political situation at home with Donald Trump and the pound at almost parity with the dollar. The added attraction is that much of London's property is about 20 per cent cheaper than it was.'

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07 December 2018

How to rearrange your living room for Christmas (The Times)

To keep family harmony, create two living spaces over the Christmas period, says Sarah Broughton of Prime Purchase. 'Young families make a lot of noise as excitement levels rise, while the older generation tend to prefer more peace,' she says. 'It is great if you have a large living room where the whole family can come together, but I would suggest borrowing another television, if you don't have more than one, so that you can create a quiet space where older relations can sit and watch something other than Frozen.'

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30 November 2018

A prime property gamble (The Times)

A grand apartment in Kensington is being sold through a raffle. Guy Meacock, a director of Prime Purchase, a buying agency that specialises in some of the most expensive homes in London, is sceptical: 'The upside of this is that they are going to get a lot of publicity, but it is a risky strategy,' he says.

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