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In bloom

With the blossom out in full force, it really underlines the point that gardens are hugely important. A beautiful one, nicely maintained with clean lines, really sets one house apart from the next.


Prime rental?

Uncertainty is never good for the housing market, and unfortunately there is plenty of it. Whether it is President Trump’s policies, increasing fiscal constraints and slowing growth in China or upcoming French and German elections, there is great uncertainty around the world.


Put schools at the top of your property search and go to the top of the class

Once I’d decided it was time to move out of London to the country, the next step was not to start looking at potential properties but at schools. We always advise clients to start their search in that order – school first, property second.


In an uncertain market, call a good buying agent

I have been struck recently by how many of the 'old chestnut' houses, several of which have been on the market for years, have found buyers since Christmas. Clients ask whether this is a sign of the market changing gear; we don’t think so although time will tell.