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Why use a buying agent in London?

'London is a roost for every bird', declared Benjamin Disraeli in 1870, a statement which is no less true today.


Why November can be a great time to buy a house

Few would disagree that a property is shown to best advantage when the sun is shining and the weather is good. You can't beat a quintessential English country garden in the height of summer - gardens in full bloom, lush grass and wonderfully scented flowers.


The Budget - stamp duty surcharge for foreign buyers

Those of us who think that the stamp duty system is already broken were dismayed by the government's announcement that it is to 'consult' on the ideal of levying an additional 3 per cent stamp duty on any foreign person buying property in the UK. 


Best offers - the buyer's nightmare

It may seem strange, in this lacklustre market, to be writing about that ultimate nightmare for buyers of being asked for a 'best offer', a favourite tool of selling agents where they ask all interested parties to submit in writing by a closing date their best and final bid.