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The Prime Purchase team explore what is really going on in the property market.


Listed Buildings

The listed status of approximately half a million buildings across England and Wales, nearly 70,000 in Scotland and 8,500 in Northern Ireland, provide us with some of the most beautiful and fascinating homes.


What's in a name?

How much value can be placed on the name of a property? While it is hard to quantify, anecdotally we know that properties with unusual or slightly derogatory names can take longer to sell. Indeed, some don’t sell at all until the name is changed to something more aspirational or just less peculiar.


Buying a listed property? You may need Indiana Jones

One of the first questions I am often asked is why does Savills have an archaeologist? Perhaps because the term archaeology often conjures up images of Indiana Jones - and that’s not something immediately associated with a land and property management company


London's hidden gems: Telegraph Hill

It is an area that few of our clients will have heard of, but sitting on a hilltop between Peckham and New Cross lies a pocket of London that offers outstanding views, a beautiful park and gardens that go on forever.