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Defending against drones

Love them or loath them, drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, are becoming a feature of the modern world. They have the potential to be tremendously useful for property owners – with their uses limited only by our imagination – from building surveys to photographs, monitoring crops to checking livestock.


Prime Purchase conquers the Ridgeway

There may be many blisters, a few sore calf muscles and sodden walking boots that still haven’t dried out properly but the Prime Purchase team conquered the western half of the Ridgeway with a 45-mile walk over two days. The weather wasn’t always kind with torrential rain, biting wind and rather alarmingly, thunder and lightning at one point. But we are very proud to say that we made it.


My House Move: Settling into our new home in the country

Back in March I wrote about finding the perfect Prep school for my daughter before commencing our property search as we left London for a new life in the country. Not only did we find the right school for her – she starts next week – we also found our new home in a village outside Winchester and moved in a few days ago.


One foot in front of the other

If there is a feeling of trepidation among the Prime Purchase team, it is understandable as in just over a month’s time we take on a 42-mile walk along the western half of the Ridgeway. There are two reasons for doing this – to raise money for two excellent charities, Mind and Parkinson’s UK, and to celebrate our 15th anniversary.