19th December 2018

Why use a buying agent in London?

“London is a roost for every bird”, declared Benjamin Disraeli in 1870, a statement which is no less true today. 

As its population nears 10 million, London enjoys a diversity greater than at any point in its history, its rich cultural, social and architectural heritage proving attractive to a vast demographic, both domestic and international.

However, as the world continues to urbanise at a rapid rate, demands are being placed upon our cities that historical centres such as London are ill-equipped to deal with, a fact most exemplified in the housing crisis which blights the capital. It was against this backdrop of imbalance that the niche of property search came about, initially as a preserve of the wealthy to get a head start over the competition in their hunt for the perfect house. It is testament to how London has changed that our average client is now just as likely to be in their thirties as in their fifties, the need to gain a foothold in the marketplace as much borne out of need as simply a rite of passage for many. 

As much as the search and find element of a buying agent’s role is crucial, we think the greatest value we add to the home-finding process is in the advice we give. That advice is given with the same impartial bent, objectivity and clarity of purpose regardless of the brief or budget with which we are presented.

What we do is not right for everyone - we are another layer of cost, and appreciate the enormous amount of trust a client puts in us. Equally, if one were to invest similar sums of money in any other asset class, say stocks and shares, it would seem extraordinary not to take advice from a professional as to where best to put it. That buyers, or tenants, should so freely take the risk of not getting advice with what is for most people their most valuable asset, and moreover, their own home, is surprising.