20th December 2018

Deciding where to put the Christmas tree.

People ponder all sorts of things when buying a home but a real consideration for many is where they will put the Christmas tree. This is particularly true for those house-hunting at this time of year, when they can observe where someone else has positioned it, but perhaps surprisingly it is also true of property searches all year round. This may sound bonkers, particularly in the height of summer, but nothing says home quite like a Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree is so central to the festive season. And a big, real, tree is hugely aspirational. A substantial hall is a big selling point for those who want a tree that slots in the middle of the staircase and reaches up to the ceiling. Or a converted barn, with double-storey height, is another draw for those looking for a home for an imposing tree.

Smell is extremely evocative. Freshly brewed coffee or baking bread have long been traditional strategies used by those trying to sell a property. But if you are marketing your home at this time of year you can’t beat the smell of pine that comes from a real Christmas tree. Cinnamon, mulled wine, the log burner blazing away in the sitting room – all combine to give a lovely cosy feeling that makes your home more attractive to would-be buyers and brings it to life.

Christmas is a time of year that people romanticise about – even in summer. If you have room for a big Christmas tree in the hallway then you should use this to your advantage.

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