27th November 2018

Why November can be a great time to buy a house.

Few would disagree that a property is shown to best advantage when the sun is shining and the weather is good. You can't beat a quintessential English country garden in the height of summer - gardens in full bloom, lush grass and wonderfully scented flowers. In practical terms it also works better, with the all-imporant photos that are essential in marketing a home much easier to take and viewings possible into the evening.

So do you have to wait until next spring or can a house be sold this time of year? Well, if a house appeals to a buyer in November, they are going to love it in June when everything looks so much better. In November, you are really down to the bare bones – no leaves on the trees but all over the lawn, precious few flowers and mud where the grass used to be. If, as a buyer, you can look past these seasonal flaws, this month is invaluable for stripping a property back, knowing the worst bits and then making a decision as to whether you still wish to buy. 

In summer, you might have no idea how close the neighbours are because you can’t see them as the trees shield the view. In winter, you have more knowledge. Instead of getting carried away by a beautiful garden, you notice the shortcomings of a property because the landscape is so stark. Without the buffer of the leaves on the trees, road noise can be much more apparent. You can see how dark rooms really are and ascertain whether you will need the lights on constantly from October through to spring. If you are buying a house with paddocks that are free from water in winter, you can be reassured that drainage is good. In summer, this would be hard to gauge.

Vendors might be worried about showing their property essentially warts and all, particularly if they have something to hide. But for the buyer, it can be a good opportunity. A property may have hung around for months, resulting in a vendor keen to sell by the end of the year. Lots of people are distracted by Christmas so if you are a focused buyer, who can imagine what the garden might look like come summer, then it could be a good time to do a deal.