Tim Corfield

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Finding your own masterpiece
28 June 2018

Tim Corfield is one of the founders of Corfield Morris.  Led by former directors of Sotheby's, Corfield Morris advises clients on the sourcing and acquisition of works of art, fine furniture and other cultural assets.


Masterpiece, London’s best summer Art and Antiques show, gets underway today. Set in a huge tent made to look like a neo-classical country house on the same site as the Chelsea Flower Show, Masterpiece brings together beauty and glamour in all its forms. One can see and buy anything from exquisite furniture by Chippendale and pictures by Monet and Picasso, to diamond rings and classic cars. You can sip champagne at Scotts Bar, eat lunch at the Ivy Restaurant, and mingle with museum curators in the spacious aisles. In short, it makes a perfect day out even if you have never thought of buying art and antiques. It is a wonderful place to seek inspiration for the furnishing of a new home.

Beyond Masterpiece, the London art world is also buzzing with London Art Week. Some 40 galleries in the West End are open over the weekend with flagship sales from Sotheby’s – ‘Treasures’ – and Christie’s – ‘The Exceptional’.

Thomas Chippendale, perhaps the most famous furniture designer of all time, is also celebrating his 300th birthday this year. Christie’s have put together a special sale of 20 of his items, and several of the dealers at Masterpiece are bringing Chippendale pieces to the show. Every year we learn more about this extraordinary man who worked on some of the greatest houses of his day, and with increased scholarship so further pieces can be added to his known oeuvre.

All this can sometimes seem too much and just like your search for the perfect house, searching for the perfect piece of art can be made much more rewarding by working with an art adviser. Being immersed in the market all the time, they can help you pick out the best of a sometimes confusing array of works, are fully aware of current pricing, and are expert negotiators. They are often aware of pieces which are off market, or hear about objects before they come to market. Similarly, they will be able to spot problems and help you make value judgments. Due diligence and an understanding of the issues surrounding restoration and authentication are also vital if you are to build a collection of real value.

Filling a house with pieces that you love and will enjoy for years to come is one of the most rewarding past times. Beyond that, it is by far the best way to make a house feel like your home. It will be your eye, guided perhaps by experts, that puts pieces together to create a wonderful interior.



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