Tim Corfield

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London in June
5 May 2015

Tim Corfield is one of the founders of Corfield Morris.  Led by former directors of Sotheby's, Corfield Morris advises clients on the sourcing and acquisition of works of art, fine furniture and other cultural assets.


For many people London in the Summer is all about the Chelsea flower show and Wimbledon, but for those of us who love the arts it means Art and Antiques shows, and the year’s finest auctions of Antiques. If you are in any way interested in old and beautiful things then you have a treat in store. Instead of wandering round National trust properties and museums come and get up close and personal to some of the most beautiful objects on the market. At a Fair or an auction view you can pick things up (think silver coffee pot), try things on (think diamond necklace) , try things out (think of reclining on a four poster), and of course chat to experts who love and understand these objects.

One of the most established fairs on calendar is Olympia. At this show dealers in all kinds of antiques from around the country converge on London for two whole weeks (18th-28th June). They display pieces that are not usually seen in London, mostly relatively inexpensive, but all carefully chosen and good of their kind. If you are thinking of the country house look, this is a great place to seek inspiration without having to spend countless weekends touring the country looking for bijou little antiques stores.

In the second week the best fair in the UK, Masterpiece, opens its doors. www.masterpiecefair.com . This runs from 25th June-1st July. It is housed in what looks like a magnificent country house on the site of the Chelsea Flower Show, but which is fact a fully air conditioned tent of huge proportions. Here you will find stunning artworks in a magnificent setting, complete with dining by Urban Caprice, and Scotts champagne bar. This fabulous event has become one of the new fixtures of the summer scene, and rightly so!

So finally Sotheby’s and Christie’s hold their top auctions titled ‘Treasures’ and ‘The Exceptional’ respectively. Sothebys go first on the 8th July, Christies event is on 9th July. Every year they seem to have found some amazing things, and bidding is usually fast and furious.

Once those sales are over pretty much the entire art world, as well as most clients, takes off for the beach, not to be seen again till September, so put on some comfortable shoes and get involved whilst you can!



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