Emma Seaton

Emma Seaton
My House Move: Settling into our new home in the country
30 August 2017

Back in March I wrote about finding the perfect Prep school for my daughter before commencing our property search as we left London for a new life in the country. Not only did we find the right school for her – she starts next week – we also found our new home in a village outside Winchester and moved in a few days ago.

It’s true what they say – moving can be stressful but not always for the reasons you may have envisaged. As I went to pull out the drawer for the bin in the kitchen I realised that, unlike in London where my kitchen was built in the past 20 years, there is no pullout bin. And I didn’t have one as I had expected to find one in the kitchen, so one of my first purchases for the new house was a bin. Oh, the glamour.

One piece of advice people give you on moving into your new home is to order a takeaway for the first night so you don’t have to bother with cooking. However, this doesn’t take account of the fact that your new home may be in the middle of nowhere. Instead, we had a 15-minute drive to the nearest petrol station to get a pizza to put in the Aga.

Ah yes, the Aga. If you buy a place in the country make sure you know who the Aga man is before you move in so that you can get him to switch it on. Here’s a tip from one who now knows: you can’t find an Aga man for love nor money at the end of August because everyone wants their Aga switched on at the start of September, so it’s his busiest time of year.

Yet, all in all, the move has gone really well. When we wake up in the morning it is so gloriously quiet after Wandsworth and the neighbours have already been round with champagne and told us the useful stuff such as when the church service is.

But moving has reminded me that there are many more things to do than you might expect. The irony is that what I really could have done with is a buying agent, smoothing the process. At Prime Purchase we don’t just advise you on buying the house, it’s about making sure you realise how far you are from that local shop. We can find you the Aga man if you need one, and every other local facility you may require, as well as taking your meter readings.

In true buying agent style, I did buy my house off-market. And here are a couple of my top tips for anyone moving home:

  • - Declutter before the move. We did but still emptied some boxes in our new home and wondered why we still had this stuff. It is the perfect time to chuck things out.

  • - Think about the children. Get them out of the way on moving day as it will make life easier, and make sure they are sorted with their new schools way in advance.


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