We would be happy to put you in touch with past clients, but here are some extracts from letters received. 

"We had always doubted the value of getting a buying agent as we live in our search area and had assumed that the service was aimed more at people looking for homes from a distance. How wrong we were! Frank and the team had fantastic local knowledge and had access to houses long before they came to the open market. They had also had done all the research on each one, so could tell us which ones would definitely not suit us. It saved us time and energy, and meant we only looked at properties which met our criteria. Once our dream house came up (and it did!), Frank's advice and assistance with the negotiation put us in the driving seat, and we were successful. We would absolutely recommend Prime Purchase to anyone  for their highly professional and personable service."

"Charlie was always honest with me throughout the whole process of finding a house, and consequently I really trusted that he knew what I was looking for. He made me feel very relaxed and at ease, and what could have been an arduous experience turned out to be a very enjoyable one; it was great to feel that you were not just with an unknown agent but a very knowledgeable friend."

"Ginny and the team have really been great throughout - really patient and professional in what was quite a long but very successful search at the end. I felt well taken care of and represented throughout and will highly recommend Prime Purchase from now on."

"We thought Charlie's experience and contacts in the market for farms was hugely beneficial for both the sale and the purchase side of our recent transaction. He clearly had insights that we would not have been able to develop ourselves. In particular, he gave us a very objective view of all the properties we visited and was concerned to see us arrive at the right decision rather than bounce us into a fee paying transaction."

"Frank and his whole team were attentive, professional and hit the ground running when it came to seal the deal for us, we would so recommend Prime Purchase."

"Having recently survived a very complex purchase of a Grade I country house, I know for a fact that my wife and I would have walked away without the help, support and “animal cunning” of Frank at Prime Purchase. His knowledge and support were crucial and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough."

"Without the services of Prime Purchase we would not be the proud owners of our beautiful country manor and a fabulous town house in an enviable part of London.  Through our experience of working with both Frank and Marcus, it is clear that PP's edge is achieved through its fathomless local knowledge and connections, together with a committed, highly efficient and personable service.  Both projects were really enjoyable experiences and we knew right from the start that if our dream property was out there, it would be PP that secured it for us."

I wouldn’t hesitate to use Prime Purchase again. They got me access to houses I would never have seen advertised for sale and they covered their fees and more by achieving a lower price than I would have managed on my own. Buying a large country house raises a different range of issues from staffing, running costs, maintenance through to obtaining listed building consent for alterations. Having spent decades dealing with country house sales, Robin and Charlie were able to answer most of these questions easily.

I have recently bought a Grade 1 listed house. It probably wouldn’t have happened without Prime Purchase. Having someone on my side with 20 years of experience of buying and selling these houses helped me focus on the real issues and what I really wanted. I looked at a number of houses, most of which were never publicly available and I was able to save myself many wasted trips by getting the true story behind several incredible looking houses which were advertised for sale. I was able to compare the house I eventually did buy against the many that I had seen and discussed. Negotiating through a buying agent gave me a degree of separation from the seller and probably led to a more frank and productive discussion between buying agent and selling agent. I am fairly confident that their fees were covered by the improvement in price they were able to achieve but the value of the service goes much further than that.


You told us we couldn’t buy one of the houses we really liked, which took a bit of accepting.

I challenged you to find better, which you did and we bought off-market. We are perfectly placed for schools and London and realise you were right all along.

We have recently completed the purchase of our new home and could definitely not have achieved it without the hard work and commitment of Charlie Wells.

We have never used a property search agent before so we did some diligence on Prime Purchase and other firms prior to instructing them, everyone we spoke to from agents and previous purchasers was very complimentary, although this is an understatement.

From the minute we instructed PP, we knew we had got the right guys. They spent time visiting us in London to understand all our needs to the very last wish, they clarified everything. Their market knowledge is second to none, I have no idea how they know and find out so much information about each property and everything there is to know about the surrounding areas and amenities but they do - they are seriously well connected.

I can't recommend their professionalism and dedication highly enough . We wouldn't hesitate to use Charlie and PP again.


Guy's granular knowledge of prime London residential real estate is quite breathtaking, equalled only by the punishing schedule to which he submits himself and his fantastic ethos of client service. He has provided highly professional, objective advice along the way, telling us when to play the long game, and when to move aggressively. The relationship which Guy has developed with us instilled such confidence in me that I was prepared to take the potentially rash step of submitting a non-refundable deposit last week in order to lock out an aggressive competing bidder. Guy played a superb tactical game such that Prime Purchase has now enabled us to close out on our second off-market transaction. He also effected introductions to other professionals who allowed us to complete at breakneck speed. 

As a private equity investor I've become sceptical of buy-side advisors who in my experience usually are more interested in persuading their clients to overpay in order to achieve the success fee. There has never been a hint of this with Nick or Guy, both of whom at all times have acted as if it were their own money. Total professionalism throughout.

Many thanks from a truly delighted client. I look forward to receiving your fee note and shall take pleasure in settling this immediately.

Frank, many many thanks for all of your help and expertise. You were an invaluable asset to the team and a great strength to me in this process. A job well done.


I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for finding and helping us to acquire the flat, and for guiding us so calmly through the process, particularly given how challenging the vendor was. We're very grateful, and just so delighted to be getting the flat! It was lovely to spend our first weekend planning things for the flat, in the knowledge that we're definitely going to get it.



I came to Prime Purchase after searching for a house for 2 years, and with some disillusion about how search agents worked, and who for.  I needn't have worried - it was the best move.  Not only did they find the Oxford townhouse I was looking for within 6 months but the sale was negotiated quickly, peacefully and always totally with my best interests at heart.  Frank found the house for me before it came on the market so I would never have even known about it without him.  He also managed to secure the house for me for less than its market value.  He was always completely professional and honest and nearly 5 months after completion he is still on hand for me should I need his advice.  I couldn't recommend PP more highly.

Throughout we have relied on your objective advice, particularly on value considerations. The time spent with the vendors' agent to establish at what level an offer would be successful really paid off. Your hard work in guiding the transaction through to completion made sure that it went incredibly smoothly. Prime Purchase we felt, went beyond the call of duty; from meeting us at the airport (even on a Sunday!) to talking to the neighbours.


I would like to thank Robin Gould of Prime Purchase for the part he played in the sale of a much loved family home.  Acting for the buyers, he, along with my agent handled the whole excercise  with sensitivity and good humour, helping to generate a real feeling of goodwill which was much appreciated at a difficult and stressful time.  This resulted in a satisfactory outcome for all concerned.


Your added value at all stages of the transaction through your unending patience with our fastidious requirements, your knowledge of properties coming onto the market weeks before they were publicly available, your assistance during the fraught negotiations. We could not have been more impressed by your performance.

Reassurance, guidance and a diplomatic steer in the right direction, and at the end, the safe arrival of a new home carefully orchestrated by a pro. Thank you


When we first met I showed you a photograph of our dream house. You didn't just find us the type of house we wanted to buy you found us the actual house in the photograph. Needless to say we are delighted.

Just wanted to  take the opportunity to say how much my wife and I appreciated all the work you did and how you were a steady hand as we went through the sometimes emotional task of finding a home.
My thanks also to Hugo Thistlethwayte. We found his advice very helpful in focusing our search.
We are starting some repairs and I know that eventually we will have the home we always wanted.
Thank you for putting us on the path. Please come and visit anytime.


My personal banker introduced me to Prime Purchase about four years ago, telling me that they were the ones who could help me find a small place in Prime Central London.  As this form of business was new to me, and is non-existent in Russia, I was very sceptical but decided to give it a try. 

Guy Meacock was appointed as my personal manager and soon after he found me an un-modernised two bedroom flat in Mayfair.  Unaware of market prices in London I was very hesitant and nervous about paying too much for the property.  However, Guy was very persuasive and provided me with comparable evidence in the area that proved that I had a really good deal.  I bought the flat and in a year and half felt that I needed something bigger.  The property sold for almost double the price.  Having won my trust, Guy then found me a very unique property at a prime Knightsbridge address.

I think that trust is the most important factor when you allow someone to find you a property abroad – it has to be right for you and at the same time not over priced.  Guy has proved to be a very direct, professional, and honourable gentleman who is fully committed to finding the property best suited to a client whilst guiding them through the buying process smoothly.

Above all, our business relationship has resulted in a real friendship and I would definitely recommend working with Prime Purchase and Guy Meacock in particular.


I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for finding and helping us to acquire the flat, and for guiding us so calmly through the process, particularly given how challenging the vendor was.

We're very grateful, and just so delighted to be getting the flat! It was lovely to spend our first weekend planning things for the flat, in the knowledge that we're definitely going to get it.


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