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Our property buying experts are often asked to share their extensive knowledge in the press. Below are some of our most recent mentions.

24 January 2018

The demolition of Halnaby Hall is a warning from history, but destruction needn't always be a disaster (Country Life)

Prices of surviving properties are not always negatively impacted and greatly depend on location, according to Charlie Wells of Prime Purchase: ‘Very large houses require owners with deep pockets,’ he says, but the lack of the mansion doesn’t necessarily detract from the estate.’

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18 January 2018

Why fixer upper properties help first time buyers (Daily Mail)

"The main mistake novices make is not having a contingency fund in place to cover unforeseen circumstances. The length of the project is also often underestimated," says Nick Croall, of buying agency Prime Purchase.

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07 January 2018

10 Steps to climb the propety (The Sunday Times)

In East Anglia, Sarah Broughton, associate director of the buying agency Prime Purchase, recommends that upsizers drop their aspiration to own a period home and get into the midcentury spirit: “You could go from a small house with plenty of character to a 1960s or 1970s house that is not so aesthetically pleasing, but has the space you need.”  

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04 January 2018

Super Prime Rentals: What makes a luxury property? (The London Magazine)

"This division in the rental ranks came about with the stamp duty hikes in 2014, believes James Watts, associate director of Prime Purchase, Savills’ buying agency. “That’s when it became apparent that if you were to rent for a couple of years rather than buy, you would still be better off. Subsequently, renting has become a far more trodden path by the high net worth community than it once was."

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