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Our property experts are often asked to share their extensive knowledge in the press. Below are some of our most recent mentions.

26 April 2019

How to find your dream house? Not online (The Times)

If you are keen to buy a particular house, put the word out to the righ people, advises Charlie Wells, managing director of Prime Purchase, 'and offer a premium with attractive time frames to suit the vendor'. He adds: 'We are buying a property on behalf of a client via this approach. They are paying a 10 per cent premium on the price and have agreed to a 12-month completion date becuase they are really keen.'

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22 April 2019

The enduring appeal of the humble thatched cottage (The Daily Telegraph)

The thatched cottage is a trophy purchase, says Robin Gould, director of Prime Purchase, but generally shunned by younger buyers with families. 'They are very expensive and layouts don't always work well, with the bathroom often on the ground floor. Thatched properties are usually bought by early retirees, downsizers, the middle-aged and second homeowners.'

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20 April 2019

Where is the new celebrity hotspot? (The Daily Telegraph)

The West Country is proving popular among celebrities. Robin Gould, director of Prime Purchase, says: 'Lots of celebrities live around [Bruton in Somerset], particularly from the arty world. There's a plae called At the Chapel, a restaurant with rooms and its own bakery set in a listed 17th-century former chapel, and it's popular with media types.'

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19 April 2019

How to prepare your garden for a house sale (The Times)

When city-dwellers sell up and move to the country, their priorties regarding a garden change. Emma Seaton, director of Prime Purchase, says: 'Top of many people's wishlists is a bigger garden, more privacy, space for the children to play and make a noise without upsetting the neighbours, and allowing the family to get a dog. However, people often underestimate how much work and cost a very large garden involves. The upkeep can be considerable and if you need to hire a gardener, you need to factor that cost in.'

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