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Our property experts are often asked to share their extensive knowledge in the press. Below are some of our most recent mentions.

22 November 2018

Iconic Street: Beauchamp Place (The London Magazine)

'One of the few true boutique streets still in Knightsbridge and it has tried to retain an exclusive air,' comments Guy Meacock of Prime Purchase - so the residential offering is all flats above shops and many are second homes. 'There is a strong contingent of Arab buyers,' he adds.

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02 November 2018

Budget 2018: The devil is in the detail (The Independent)

'On the one hand, the government claims to champion social mobility and diversity but on the other, it is saying that if you are foreign you are not welcome. There is no logic to it. If this government thinks that penalising the people at the top, particularly foreigners, will revitalise the economy and get things going, then it is very wrong,' says Charlie Wells, managing director of Prime Purchase.

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19 October 2018

Fed up of terrible trains? Three of Britain's best places to live if you want an easy commute to work (The Daily Mail)

'Thame and the surrounding villages have increased in value considerably and caught up with towns or villages such as Henley and Marlow, whose rail links are secondary in comparison,’ says James Shaw, of buying agency Prime Purchase.

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05 October 2018

Make a (successful) move to the country (The Times)

“Some villages can look glorious, but a lovely pub doesn’t mean there are other mums who you will want to be friends with. Our village has a WhatsApp group that is a lifeline — if you need a child’s costume at the last minute we message each other and the group comes up trumps. When we were looking to move we viewed a house in another village where there were a lot of older residents. If we had moved there I wonder if we would have lasted,” she says.

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