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Our property experts are often asked to share their extensive knowledge in the press. Below are some of our most recent mentions.

21 May 2018

Want a London home with a garden? Buying a house with green space comes at a higher price (The Telegraph)

Guy Meacock of buying agent Prime Purchase says the garden premium is hard to quantify in broad terms and is very dependent on qualities of the property itself. “We always talk about gross internal area being the sole driver of value in London and it is, on paper at least. But when it comes to buying a property, it’s not all about what’s on ­paper.” The effect of outside space (or lack thereof) has to be analysed by the type of property and its orientation.  “If a flat has outside space, it makes the difference between an average property and something special,” he says. Such is the expectation that a house will come with a garden in London that by buying one with no garden you’re “significantly limiting your re-sale market,” cautions Meacock. 

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04 May 2018

Monarchy rules: addresses with a regal link (The Times)

Charlie Wells, the managing director of Prime Purchase, a buying agency, says: “The royal influences have been prevalent on properties of all types and sizes, whether a little bungalow called Balmoral or an estate with a royal name. There is another Hampton Court in Herefordshire, for example.” Names aside, a fascinating backstory involving a royal family member, past or present, can create a compelling marketing narrative. “If the property is somewhere the royal family has visited, or taken tea or stayed, then it adds great historical importance,” Wells says. “People love it; new and old owners of houses with royal connections will dine out on those stories. The other week I went to a William and Mary house, which had a grand garden gate that Queen Anne had walked through, and ever since it had been called Queen Anne’s gate.

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29 April 2018

Hiring a ghostbuster and only buying on the eighth floor: how beliefs and superstition can make or break a property sale (The Daily Telegraph)

Astrological concerns have been known to delay a sale. ‘I was bidding on a property for a client, and we were all ready to exchange when she called a temporary halt because the planet Mercury was moving in the wrong direction,’ says Guy Meacock of Prime Purchase. ‘While the planet was in retrograde she was of the belief that she shouldn’t sign the contract. I had to tell the selling agent we’d need to wait until it started moving in the right direction, which took several weeks.'

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21 April 2018

The impact of Somerset's new nuclear neighbour (The Daily Telegraph)

The Hinkley Point C nuclear plant in Somerset is transforming the landscape and local housing in equal measure. Robin Gould, of Prime Purchase, is investigating the nearby eastern edge of Exmoor for a suitable home for a high net worth client. ‘I’m looking at the proposed pylon routes, of which there are three or four, as the power needs to be transported from Hinkley, which potentially will be a huge blight,’ he warns.

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