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Timing your move to the country

Years ago the forgotten wreck that needed the special touch to bring it back to life was so highly sought after that such a sleeping beauty could often sell for nearly as much as a house that had been 'kissed' by someone else's taste.


Why garages will never go out of fashion

Although few people actually park a car in one, most houses still have a garage. With modern cars getting bigger and bigger, while most garages were built years ago of a certain and modest size, there is a strong chance you would no longer be able to fit your motor into the garage even if you wanted to.


Online shopping threatens the rural idyll

Online shopping is certainly convenient, saving time and often money compared with getting in the car and visiting your local high street or shopping centre. But the sad fact is that online shopping is ruining the peace and tranquillity of our villages and country lanes.


Exchange in one day? Yes, it's possible

Moving house is tortuous in every way, usually not helped by the legal process, which can drag on for several months without any explanation whatsoever. It may therefore come as a surprise that it’s possible to conduct the entire process during the course of a day, without compromising either the buyer or seller’s position.