What we do

Prime Purchase is a leading property buying agency. We are owned by Savills, one of the world’s best-known real estate brands.

Unlike estate agents who act for sellers and landlords, as buyer's agents we only represent buyers and tenants. We search for property, give advice and manage the negotiation process through to a successful purchase or rental.

Opening New Doors

Our personal network of contacts provides our clients with a single access point to the market. 

We provide you with unrivalled access to properties – both those publically marketed and many that are not.

Checking Every Detail

By investigating all relevant aspects of your potential purchase or rental before you commit, and bringing in specialist advice wherever necessary.

Due diligence is an important aspect of what we do. Through advice and evidence-based analysis, we ensure our clients have peace of mind when it comes to their move.


Our aim is to secure your property, whether you are buying or renting, on the best possible terms, using our extensive experience and expertise.

Through detailed knowledge of the market, our team is able to offer sound and sensible advice, making you the preferred purchaser or tenant.

Already found your house?

Prime Purchase doesn’t just find properties – we can also advise on a property, farm or estate you have found yourself but need a second opinion on.

If you are buying from a friend or relative you may need someone to act on your behalf so that negotiations are conducted at arm’s length. Or if you are dealing with a selling agent, perhaps you need someone in your corner, representing you.

Buyers often worry whether or not they are paying the right price for a property and would like the comfort of some due diligence carried out by a property professional who has their best interests at heart.

Prime Purchase is frequently asked to provide this type of advice on properties found by unrepresented buyers. Sometimes this is simply a 'sanity check' but often we are asked to conduct everything from negotiations through to full due diligence.

Fees are significantly less than for a full search so please contact us to discuss your needs and for a quote.