Country property buyer's agents

A country property search can be complicated, and one of the biggest financial and emotional decisions you might ever make.

Having the right buying agent on your side will give you access to the whole market. By giving sound advice on price, tactics and the state of the market, we can ensure you buy ‘best in class’ on the most favourable terms. Our property search agents cover relatively small geographic areas, but link together as one. They have first class office support, allowing them to stay on the road, house hunting, so you don’t miss out on the perfect home.

Clients often end up buying in an area they had previously ruled out, or choose a property of a different architectural style to their original brief. Our close-knit network of agents makes sure that if your brief changes our support does not. We are not afraid to tell you if you are considering buying the wrong house, and our honest approach to highlighting why, is welcomed by past clients.

Our team of country agents all live in their patches and are fully aware of any on or off market activity which may benefit you. Working from offices in Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Suffolk, Prime Purchase is able to cover all of Central and Southern England.

Country buying agents