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Our expert property buying agents are often asked to share their extensive knowledge in the press. Below are some of our most recent mentions.

13 October 2019

The most desirable streets in London (The Financial Times, How to Spend It)

'Ennismore Gardens is tucked away south of Hyde Park, off Kensington Road, and its proximity to the park and the fact that it's essentially a dead end makes it something of an oasis,' says James Watts of Prime Purchase. 'Ennismore Gardens offers so much access to green space and is so quiet, yet it's slap-bang where most people want to live.'

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11 October 2019

Pensioners are flocking back from the countryside to London (The Daily Telegraph)

Many pensioners are leaving the countryside for London. 'With the loss of many rural communities as people snap up second homes and as pubs and local shops close, people are finding less to keep them in the country and more to attracat them to London,' says Guy Meacock of Prime Purchase. Meacock recently helped a couple who sold a 6,000 sq ft property in Sussex to buy a much smaller Victorian terraced house in west London. 'He is in his mid-80s and she is in her late-70s; they have done this to be closer to children and grandchildren, and are excited to have acces to better healthcare and more of a community than they had in the country.'

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21 September 2019

Rewilding the kids (The Daily Telegraph)

Rural relocators have a staple wish list, including a swimming pool, astro tennis court, ponies, a tree house and zip wire - plus a party room for bad weather - says Charlie Wells of Prime Purchase. 'A client might start a property search saying, 'we don't need a swimming pool or tennis court because our children are young'. But I tell them to think about what happens when they are 10-plus and gravitating towards their friend's house where there are cool things to do. Don't you want that to be your house, rather than somewhere else where you aren't sure what they are getting up to? The aim is to get kids off the screens and outside.'

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20 September 2019

Where to find a hideaway home (The Times)

Chalie Wells of Prime Purchase, says that: 'Sussex, the Surrey Hills and South Downs are stunning areas where you can truly get away from it all'. 

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